Who is russ feingold dating

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Johnson and his corporate backers," Feingold campaign spokesman Michael Tyler responded. Johnson's so extreme that he calls student loans 'free money' and would do away with all federal student loans." Johnson has denied that charge."Saying that I only want wealthy kids going to college, nothing could be further from the truth," Johnson told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Thursday.Basic economics and common sense tell us that when you increase costs on companies, you decrease their competitiveness.That means less jobs, and less growth.”Russ Feingold has raised more funds in his campaign against Sen.

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Feingold has proposed a bill to create a jobs tax credit over 2010-2011 for businesses that hire new employees, expand work hours for their current workforce, or raise worker pay.Senator Feingold claims credit for authoring and supporting the 2008 Farm Bill and the Federal Milk Marketing Reform Act – bipartisan legislation that would prohibit the federal government from using transportation costs as the basis for pricing milk.Ron Johnson's economic policy calls for reducing taxes, regulation and government spending in the belief that this will encourage job creation by the private sector.He received a ,400 donation from Soros, a controversial hedge funder and major Democratic donor, in August 2015, according to campaign finance records.Of that, ,700 was designated for the general election.

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