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The fact that she easily dismissed competition from two previous multiple DRot Y winners – John Force (Funny Car) and Tony Schumacher (Top Fuel) – also says a lot about how readers respect the very special demands of Pro Stock.As recently as 2012, Enders-Stevens became the first woman to win an NHRA Pro Stock race, and it was one of four victories for her that season.And she did so by a commanding margin, as the charts below illustrate. E-S become the first woman in history to clinch the NHRA Pro Stock title.We weren't, therefore, surprised to see her land the vast majority of your votes for Drag Racer of the Year.We've always been gratified that auto racing is one of the few sports where there's no gender divide, and the National Hot Rod Association is on the cutting edge of this "no balls, no problem" philosophy.But it took Erica Enders-Stevens to become the first woman to win the overall RACER of the Year Award.

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It's so cool to hear we've inspired other kids to follow their dreams."Enders-Stevens followed hers to the top level of one of the NHRA's featured classes.She started racing in Pro Stock in 2005 and has traveled a long trail to get in position to bring home the big trophy at season's end.Her sister, Courtney, doesn't drive but works for the Enders-Stevens team.But winning the final two races of the season clinched the title by 39 points.Oh, and we should mention that along the way Erica reset the Pro Stock speed and elapsed time records. J., she covered the 1,320ft in 6.464sec, racking up a speed of 215.55mph.

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