Validating text fields in javascript

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It can prevent people from leaving fields blank, from entering too little or too much or from using invalid characters.For an alternative approach to client-side form validation, without Java Script, check out our new article on HTML5 Form Validation which is available now in most modern browsers.First, download the Java Script form validation script here.The zip file contains the javascript file, examples.Let's build a simple form with a validation script.Validating form input with Java Script is easy to do and can save a lot of unnecessary calls to the server as all processing is handled by the web browser.

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Shows you how to write a script that ensures your form is filled in correctly before it's sent to your server.When form input is important, it should always be verified using a secure server-side script.Otherwise a browser with Java Script disabled, or a hacker trying to compromise your site, can easily submit invalid data. The first test in the example is therefore only necessary in order to provide a different error message when the input is blank.(For more information on how to create form validation using the Front Page form feature, see About creating forms in Front Page 2003.) However, if the form validation provided in Front Page does not suit your needs or the site on which you are working is hosted on a server that does not have Front Page Server Extensions from Microsoft installed, you may need to create custom form validation.Note Front Page Server Extensions are a set of programs that provide access to special Front Page features, such as database processing, form processing, hit counters, and other built-in Front Page components that require server-side processing.

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