Transition from friends with benefits to dating

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You think he’s cute, he’s not seeing anyone and neither are you and then BAM! If she’s fallen for the guy, yet he’s stated over and over again that they’re “just kickin’ it” or that he’s not ready for a relationship, chances are you will never go from the FWB situation to full girlfriend status. Sure, this may happen in RARE cases, especially if he has intimacy issues or commitment phobia – in which case I advise you to let it go and heal your broken heart.

But if you feel that the chemistry between you suggests that there might be a chance at real love, here are some things you can do to test the waters to see if you can go from FWB to wifey.

I’ve never kept it a secret that I think friends with benefits type relationships are a horrible idea.

When they start off, they sound great – you have someone to hang out and hook up with when you feel like getting frisky, but you don’t have the obligations of a relationship to deal with.

– The next sign you can take “FWB” further is that the sex is awesome…

– The next good sign is that you feel a sense of trust with him.

In any relationship there is always one person who wants to spend more time with the other.

You can flat out say, "we should get dinner or lunch one day" or you can try to be more sneaky about it.

The next time you're talking, bring up a movie you think he'll be interested in and when he says he can't wait to see it, casually say something like, "we should see it together." The next time you guys hang out, ask if he wants to grab something to eat afterwards. He might not reciprocate right away, but he might eventually.

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