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A Russian dating website that had 20 million email addresses stolen last week, has paid the hackers not to sell the information, Tech Week Europe reports.

Topface, a dating website with an estimated 92 million users, had its data breached last week as reported by We Live Security here.

It can be used to find new friends for keeping in touch, communicating, and possibly for other things as well.

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Topface, a Russian online dating service, has paid an undisclosed sum to an attacker who stole 20 million user email addresses and then advertised them for sale. Petersburg, managed to track down the intruder after he advertised to sell the email addresses.

CEO Dmitry Filatov said that Topface won’t be pressing charges, given that the attacker hadn’t (yet) passed the data to anyone and agreed not to do so.

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The website's CEO Dmitry Filatov told IBTimes UK: We also were able to find and contact the hacker who published (and then deleted them) the ads with an offer to sell email database.

Topface agreed to “[cooperate] in the field of data security”, according to an email exchange between Filatov and Bloomberg. Filatov said that his company’s new “security consultant” (I believe that phrase requires air quotes when read aloud) didn’t access anything beyond the email addresses: He also said that about 95 percent of Topface’s users access the service through their social media accounts, and that Topface doesn’t store users’ billing information.

…meaning that we should stop calling him an attacker, hacker, or intruder, and instead now refer to him as, perhaps, a “consultant”? According to the company’s site, Topface has 92 million users, and it’s the fastest growing dating service in the world.

Easy Solutions said the majority of the hacked identities were using Hotmail email addresses, with and domains accounting for 2.5 million and 2.3 million respectively.

Ingevaldson said the information stolen by hackers would have been put up for sale quickly and it's likely the criminals used automated software programmes to find data also used across sites outside of Topface for maximum disruption.

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