Tom sturridge is dating

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No one under 13 is allowed inside the theater after there were some children in attendance at early performances. She's the original boho queen, and over the years Sienna Miller has retained her fashion icon title by maintaining her quirky look and ability to style both designer and vintage pieces effortlessly.Shortly after the breakup, she told Vogue, "It's actually been the s--ttiest year.” Since then, the two exes have remained friendly.

Stepping out for a lunch date this week, Sienna kept things casual in a pair of jeans and cord jacket, accessorising with what seems to be this seasons key shoe - the Gucci fur lined loafer.

But if this show is the most upsetting part of anyone’s day, they’re not reading the news headlines.

Things are much worse than a piece of theater getting under your skin a little bit,” co-director Robert Icke said.

He is sure they can work it out and is willing to convince her to give things another shot.' The magazine has also claimed that Tom is willing to move to Los Angeles or New York in order to spend as much time with his busy partner as possible, after reports claimed it was their hectic clashing schedules that caused the split in the first place.

According to The Sun, a source said back in July 2015: 'Tom and Sienna split a few weeks ago but still love and respect each other as friends and parents.

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