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You still need that ‘this is what it is’ Since the show’s 2011 debut, life has increasingly imitated fiction, with British and American TV industries intertwining – US stars like Gillian Anderson show up in UK prime time as often as limeys like Damian Lewis and Andrew Lincoln do over there.

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One of her St Trinian's schoolgirls has done her first naked sex scene.

But Tamsin Egerton, Chelsea in the boarding-school comedies where Miss Fritton is the headmistress, admits she found it a 'horrendous' experience.

It’s almost like interviewing the Marx Brothers – had Groucho been a woman.

When RT comments on Episodes busting the old trope that viewers don't like watching TV shows about people making TV shows, Le Blanc explains: "This isn't necessarily a show that's just about making a show.

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