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Kanye West, throughout his entire career but maybe even more so in recent years, is given to frequent “I just read a coffee-table book, I get how Keynesian economics work now” revelations. There was his clumsy and inflammatory use of the word “multiracial” in his casting call for Yeezy Season 4, which, by the way, looked a lot like Yeezy Season 3 (minus the 0 “God Sun” hoodie, HAH), which looked a lot like Yeezy Season 2.His tendency to be late, under- or misinformed, and loud as hell is well documented. This shift, this sad era of oddly wrung-dry Kanye, was most neatly described in a tweet that came and went on Election Day, in sad lowercase letters: There’s a whole bunch of cellphone footage floating around out there.

He also said this: Specifically to black people, stop focusing on racism. Let’s stop being distracted to focus on that so much. Let’s talk about whatever the fuck you wanna talk about. After all the anger and outrage are used up, what usually follows is exhaustion. He used to interrupt Katrina telethons to tell the listening public exactly what the Bush administration thought of people of color.

Los Angeles rapper YG gave the summer its most jubilant protest anthem with "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)," a catchy middle-finger track featuring fellow Californian Nipsey Hussle.

YG and executive producer Steve Carless claim that the song was so incendiary, lines like "All the niggas in the hood wanna fight you/I'm surprised El Chapo ain't tried to snipe you" resulted in calls from the Secret Service to his label, Def Jam.

i've noticed something happening quite prevalent on my facebook and others' 4 weeks ago a friend from college I haven't spoken to in years wrote on my wall "hey [name redacted]!! and i see on some of my friends' walls, posts from their friends from like september 2nd, and it says "hey!

haha i still remember doing [event redacted] with you way back in 2007! So then why waste your time if you aren't going to pursue such a conversation? sorry but some things people do in life has me banging my head on my keyboard and im going to get to the bottom of this shit.

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