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Manufacturing sectors include those in aircraft, automotive parts, electronic equipment, audiovisual equipment, petrochemicals, precision metals and home furnishings.Long Beach lies in the southeastern corner of Los Angeles County and borders Orange County.

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She named Penny as a co-defendant in the suit against USA Gymnastics filed in California last year.After Durant's second ousting in 1919, Alfred Sloan, with his maxim "a car for every purse and purpose," would pick the Chevrolet brand to become the volume leader in the General Motors family, selling mainstream vehicles to compete with Henry Ford's Model T in 1919 and overtaking Ford as the best-selling car in the United States by 1929.Chevrolet-branded vehicles are sold in most automotive markets worldwide, with the notable exception of Oceania, where GM is represented by its Australian subsidiary, Holden.Images from top, left to right: Long Beach skyline from Bluff Park, RMS Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific Blue Cavern exhibit, TTI Terminal at Port of Long Beach, Villa Riviera, Metro Blue Line, Long Beach Lighthouse Long Beach is the 36th most populous city in the United States and the 7th most populous in California.It is located on the Pacific Coast of the United States, within the Greater Los Angeles area of Southern California. Long Beach is the second largest city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and the third largest in Southern California behind Los Angeles and San Diego.

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