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Definitions and related terms: Chat room: usually real-time/synchronous online conferencing either in a group or privately as well as asynchronous messaging via an inbox.It sounds as a cliche but true..we are pushing the boundaries of the lifestyle and exploring with it all. I chatted to her ( let's call her Tanya ) and she was extremely honest from the start with everything and well the girlfriend at the time we broke up over deciet from her side but I kept chatting to Tanya daily and we started learning we ver… So far the only one that I now can say is my FWB.....So she tells me that she has chatted with a girl in our sma… We have met a couple of times during my break at home .It is inevitable that security frameworks lag technological development, but parents need to be aware of these dangers, and industry organisations and the government need to tighten up on out-dated regulations and legislation in order to protect South African children.2: Advice for parents and children on safe online behaviour 1.

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