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Link below: you can read it in Chaosteam Facebook site ☆ ☆ ☆ ♪ [Kik: Fallingyuri] ♪ [open: weekend and holidays 11am-8pm] ☆ ▲ [ Fallingyuri for question] ▲ [open: only in schools days] ☆ ☆ ♡ [Anime/Manga: Netsuzou Trap ] ☆ ☆ ♥︎ [Ship: NSFW, Drama, Yuri, Bisexual] ☆ ☆ #lesbian #love #kawaii #kawaiiyuri #cute #romance #mangayuri #mangagirl #twogirl #truelove #truefeelling #yuri #yuriday #yuriism #yuriweek #yurianime #yurilover #yurimanga #yuriaddict #yuricouple #adorable #animegirl #animeyuri #shoujoai #girlslover #girlxgirl Love or Lipstick? Supe que me gustaban las mujeres desde los 8 años, pero no salí del armario hasta que tuve mi primera novia con 14.You can now read whole new yuri manga, first chapter is out! Tuve mucha suerte, he crecido en una familia humilde, abierta, unida, que se tomaron mi homosexualidad como algo normal ... ¿Por qué todo el mundo puede hablar de su vida privada, de sus relaciones, en el trabajo, en clase, en cualquier sitio y nosotros nos tenemos que reprimir por si nos juzgan? Stay strong 💪🏼 y luchad por ser felices siendo quien sois.Gonna have to recommend Girl Friends by Morinaga Milk. It's very realistic, in that nobody is gay or in love right off the bat, except for the main character.It deals more with the two main characters coming to terms with their sexuality and their relationship. it follows the story of two girls falling in love - Fumi who is a lesbian and Akira (A-chan) who is as of yet portrayed as a naive asexual.

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☆ ☆ ☆ ♪ [Kik: Fallingyuri] ♪ [open: weekend and holidays 11am-8pm] ☆ ▲ [ Fallingyuri for question] ▲ [open: only in schools days] ☆ ☆ ♡ [Anime/Manga: Hana and Hina after School ] ☆ ☆ ♥︎ [Genres: Co-worker, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Yuri ] ☆ ☆ #lesbian #love #kawaii #kawaiiyuri #cute #romance #mangayuri #mangagirl #twogirl #truelove #truefeelling #yuri #yuriday #yuriism #yuriweek #yurianime #yurilover #yurimanga #yuriaddict #yuricouple #adorable #animegirl #animeyuri #shoujoai #girlslover #girlxgirl Goodnight Yurilovers~!Creating, disseminating and celebrating Yuri in anime and manga since 2000 For more than a decade, Yuricon has been a leader in the celebration of Yuri Anime and Manga (Lesbian-themed Japanese animation and comics).Now, now, a lot of you silly know-it-alls just raised your eyebrows after reading the title of this article, but bear with us with for a moment here.Her classmates see her as a silent girl who doesn’t like to talk and is someone who stares them in the eyes, but in reality, Mayu thinks too much before she speaks, often ending up losing the opportunity to speak up.Regardless, though, Mayu is a happy girl with lots of friends in school, and surprisingly enough, her friends understand Mayu just by body language alone.

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