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While Thomas's family was accepting of her authentic identity, an ex-boyfriend of her mother's who still lived with the women, James Allen Byrd, made no secret of his transphobic attitudes.He reportedly often referred to the transgender woman as "the devil."Thomas's mother, Renee Thomas, was home at the time of her daughter's murder, and described the attack to police and media.3/19/2012 – Things We Wrote That You Loved, by The Team 15.3/20/2012 – Here/Queer: Boogie Down Bronx, by Gabby 16.Other types include name calling, belittling accomplishments and even using technology.Since devices like cell phones make us accessible at all times, abuse can come in the form of constant contact, like incessant texting or 30 to 40 phone calls a day.

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After firing at her twice, Byrd — who was nearly a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than the petite Thomas — proceeded to beat her with any heavy object handy.3/16/2012 – Queer Girl City Guide: Dublin, Ireland, by Una 13.3/19/2012 – Queer Girl City Guide: Vancouver, Canada, by Kathryn 14.Celeste La Cour-Belyn grew to love the young man her daughter Leigh dated throughout high school."He was very nice, someone that you wouldn't have a problem letting your daughter be with," said La Cour-Belyn.

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