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Cyndy Keys is the Rape and Violence Prevention Education for Community Crisis Center located in Miami, Oklahoma.

Are you a Oklahoma single looking for a single person to settle down and have children with?

If you have been charged with first or second degree rape, an M. Bailey sex crimes attorney can assist you in protecting your rights during the investigation and build a defense against the charge.

Rape refers to any form of sexual conduct that is forced against a victims will through means of violence, duress, coercion, abuse of authority, fear of injury, or any other danger.

Unsurprisingly, the state with the lowest fast food spending was Vermont, which is probably too busy tapping maple syrup for its rustic B&Bs to visit Burger King.

The VT monthly fast food budget totaled less than a month, ranking even lower than the sum spent by those New York snobs, who paid just back in May.

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