Seniors truth or dare chat rooms

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if you woke up one day and you found that you become opposite sex for one day,what would the first thing you do.? Which is the one person you really hate /crush in this room? If I was a food what would I be and how would you eat me? What is the stupidest thing that you have done in front of a crowd?(Needless, to say you've got to be a girl to ask this) Have you ever had a crush on someone of the same sex? How did you like the view out of your window this morning? have you ever been mean to anyone without a reason?Let them show the dirty magazine to everyone for added fun!Brainstorming for the Most Extreme Dares for the Ultimate Dare Challenge (Part 2) I sort of am not sure any more in which direction this dare should go...The peekaboo cutout and structured fit of our Truth or Dare romper creates a dazzling combination where sexy meets sophistication.Details include pockets, adjustable spaghetti straps, and hidden back zip closure.

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As you go through the different sections and watch interesting broadcasts you can pick up gifts, compliments and funny animotiocons!Amongst all the people in this room, which guy/girl would you like to date? Would you ever cheat with your boyfriend/girlfriend? I have rated this story safe, if you even count it as a story. This is my story, and I would appreciate if you didn't change it. Millie: Oh sorry guys g2g hunting patrol Graystripe: K Firestar: C U l8r Millie has signed off. Firestar: Sorry Graystripe and Millie sitting in a tree.

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