Raini rodriguez and calum worthy dating

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She was awarded the Best Young Television Actress at the 2013 Imagen Awards for her role in the 2011 film Prom, as Tess.She is the daughter of Diane and Roy Rodriguez, owner of Rodriguez Tire Service. Talking about her personal life, she hasn't been married to anyone yet and also does not have any children.In Season 3, they seem to be good friends now, and don't fight that often. Trish: It was just strawberry jam on the walls and a fog machine in the chimney! Trish: With Dez's awesome directing and my amazing acting, we're gonna win. Color: The Trez color is maroon, a combination of Dez's red hair and Trish's black hair.In the episode What Ifs & Where's Austin, in the imagination sequence, they even imagined that they kissed which may hint that they may like each other. Trish: I will slap those freckles right off your face. Dez: [Touched] The ghost put strawberry jam on the walls and a fog machine in the chimney? It also could be green seeing that in Zaliens & Cloud Watchers they both had green face paint on.She played Tess in the 2011 film Prom and won Best Young Television Actress at the 2013 Imagen Awards. After viewing Raini's performance, Osser suggested to Raini's mother that Osser should become Raini's manager and come to California to give Raini a year for career opportunities. She became known for bringing life to Trish de la Rosa on TV's Austin & Ally and received the 2013 Images Award for Best Young Television Actress.Trez (Tr/ish and D/ez) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Trish De la Rosa and Dez Wade. Another episode could be Backups & Breakups because they share another hug, and seem to be together a lot in the episode.

She made her debut television role at age 13 as Denise on a season 2 episode of Huff titled "Black Shadows." She played Tess in the 2011 drama film Prom.If rumors are to be believed, the young actor is afraid to come out of the closet because he is unsure about how his family might react.One of the reasons why Worthy is believed to be gay by many of his fans might be because of his role in Austin and Alley.The 24 year old star has been sparking a lot of gay rumors in the past few months.The talented young star has managed to keep a very low profile regarding his dating life so far, which hasn’t helped cool down the speculations regarding his sexuality.

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