Polls parents took on teen dating

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Crying fits, yelling, holding your breath or giving them the silent treatment will not help your case. If you're in an argument with your parents, you need to be able to handle yourself calmly and in a mature way.

Photo Source: Shutterstock Being rude to your parents is another way to ensure they keep treating you like a kid.

Pregnant teenagers face many of the same pregnancy related issues as other women.

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See more » It's been nearly 10 years since I've seen an episode of this but here's what I remember of it.

You Tubers always THINK they’re slick with keeping their relationships on the DL, but come on; we’re usually one step ahead of ’em.

After coming out as bisexual and breaking up with his longtime girlfriend Lisa Schwartz in July 2015, Shane Dawson has kept the details of his dating life pretty quiet.

There were a few characters but the main focus of the show was the relationship between Matt (the basketball star with a drinking problem) and Ashley (the princess).

Then, in order of importance, there was Dylan (the guitar playing pretty-boy rebel), Brook the snob, then there was some kid who was Dylan's hanger-on, and another one who was Matt's hanger-on.

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