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Her mother wept because it meant her daughter could not join her for eternity in the physical heaven Mormons in good standing await. That is why Catholics, for example, constantly go to confession. A: For Mormons, there is a sense that it’s important to be as close to perfection as one can be all the time.

For me, and I’m not unique, the important thing was to have integrity.

Parents can quell the anxiety that may come up while watching a teenager struggle through feeling unpopular by giving teenagers space (and permission) to express their emotions.

Tell your teenager that he can feel sad, disappointed, angry, or anything else, but you want him to know that he is not alone and he doesn’t have to manage these feelings alone.

As explained in the clip below, Cranston's job was to shoot profile videos for people looking for love, in a time before Tinder and the internet of things.

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It’s hard to resist the temptation—in the name of “helping”—to try to micromanage your teen’s social life, especially if your teenager feels unpopular.

You might feel anxious every time your son is left out, or worry when your daughter sits home on Saturday night. Here are two strategies that I recommend to parents who are trying to help when a teenager feels unpopular.

Then, tell him where you’ll be when he’s ready to talk.

The second way to be supportive is to help your teen identify the person she wants to be.

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