Osu grad student speed dating

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He knew this was a good place to meet single girls and he didn't know how to dance.

When he returned from WWII, all the girls in the area were either married or too young or too old.

The HEP program requires 400 hours of internship with a company of students’ choosing.

The speed networking program helped students find opportunities.

It was not easy getting acquainted with this "farmer's daughter" from Albany! Downs, began furiously blinking the porch lights signaling the women to stop what ever they were doing and go to their rooms. I met my husband my senior year when I, with another young man, were teaching Square dancing, off campus to young people, married or single.

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The Career Success Center provides a variety of opportunities for employers to engage with students.

I had two other serious young men, GI's and they had asked me to marry them.

I told them I liked them but I was going to graduate and was not ready to marry any one.

Whether you are looking to educate students about your company or industry, announce employment opportunities or recruit top-tier students, the Career Success Center offers numerous ways, both in person and online, to connect.

If you are interested in getting involved, please complete the Employer Participation Form.

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