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SQL file for implementing partitions on a particular table - edit this .

SQL file to reflect the desired partition strategy and execute it.

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ora 14402 updating partition key column-13

Can this be done by a developer or is there any other way to execute update in this case? If you change the partition key value so that a row should be in a different partition, Oracle must move the row to the other partition to maintain the integrity of the data partitioning.

create table orders 2 ( 3 order_id number not null constraint pk$orders primary key using index, 4 order_date date not null 5 ) 6 partition by range (order_date) interval (numtoyminterval(1,'month')) 7 ( 8 partition p2014_01 values less than (to_date('01-feb-2014','DD-MON-YYYY')) 9 ) 10 ; Table created.

[email protected] create table line_items 2 ( 3 order_id number not null, 4 pos number not null, 5 item_id number not null, 6 quantity number not null, 7 constraint pk$line_items primary key (order_id, pos) using index, 8 constraint fk$order_id foreign key (order_id) references orders (order_id) 9 ) 10 partition by reference (fk$order_id); Table created.

Try using ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT to allow this.

We are using oracle 10G and one of the table takes lot of time if we query/delete data. Recently we discovered that ROW_MOVEMENT is disabled on this table, we want to understand following: This feature doesn't affect performance in most cases: the rows are stored and queried in exactly the same manner whether the feature is enabled or not.

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