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When the user initiates a postback by clicking on the button kept inside the Update Panel, we set a delay of 3 seconds.

To display progress to the user, we handle the Initialize Request at the client side and set the to visible.

I was able to get everything to work correctly with the Grid View except when it came to performing an update.

My first issue that I came across was that it was tacking on two extra columns or fields that I didn't really expect.

For all the three approaches, I have used a image to show a spinning gear kind of a progress bar while the Update Panel is performing some action.

The image can be found with the source code for this article over here.





Since this is just platform, the impact on the functionality is extremely minimal.

The product also has monthly platform releases and as of this writing a twice a year application release.

I wanted to take a bit of time to explain the details of each and the distinction between them. Also some binary things like financial reporting (MR) and the SSRS framework for AX.

In Figure 1, we saw fields identified as telephone numbers, salaries, etc. In this section, you learn how to format those fields to make them more usable for your site visitors.

In Design View, click on the Gridview and click on the arrow pointing to the right to bring up the Grid View Tasks pop-up.

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