Music from the movie blind dating

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If you like Wedding Crashers and Sleepless in Seattle, you will love this story!

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I had an Uncle that faced a serious physical problem but his heart was always so forgiving and found joy in the important things of life. He gave from his pocket to others less fortunate and he loved you and cried with you when you hurt. I found myself laughing at parts and then tearing up later.

Well they did it perfectly here with this little gem.Quietly enchanting, Levan Koguashvili’s “Blind Dates” carves out a wayward weeklong path for its Tblisi bachelor protagonist that leads not so much toward love so much as a lovely sense of warmth and generosity toward all.This poker-faced charmer doesn’t boast the kind of stylistic flash or easily encapsulated hook that would magnetize sales interest. I believe Chris Pine will become famous now because of it. Princess Diaries 2 and Just My Luck were ok but im not into the Disney type. I'm glad I got this movie because its a nice little movie that I will watch again and again. This movie was very good I love the cast and crew that did a great job telling this story I saw the new Star Trek a couple weeks ago and it was awesome. Danny (Chris Pine) is a 22yr old blind man that goes on many blind dates to find a nice girl. Eddie Kaye Thomas plays his brother, and Jane Seymour plays his psychiatrist. Chris Pine is the best part of this movie and very talented in this role.

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