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Where the DTX acquisition strategy differs is in its focus on creating long-term relationships.

Other people are willing to concede that cybersex without the knowledge of their partner, ; nevertheless, some still maintain it's a type of "OK" cheating.

FINALISED: 27-07-16 PUBLISHED: 27-07-16 With an eye to conquer the Asian dating market, Date Tix (ASX: DTX) is now venturing into acquisitions of other proven and complementary online dating platforms to rapidly accelerate its commercial growth and geographic footprint.

DTX expects to expand the UK-based award-winning Lovestruck platform into the huge China online dating market that’s flooded with mass market dating apps, but is hungry for a premium dating platform like Lovestruck.

Of course those Jennifer Lawrence sex videos never did leak (the closest we got was a short clip of Jennifer shaking her tits), and the original leaker has gone into hiding.

However, we know that these videos do exist and that they could be leaked at any moment… As you can see in the video below which was obtained by Iranian intelligence after torturing an Armenian gypsy for 6 straight hours, it appears to show Jennifer Lawrence masturbating, playing with her tits, masturbating some more, and then having sex.

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