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"DSI is to be congratulated for breaking up this human trafficking syndicate, including removing the boss and his senior team from harming more victims."The arrests coincided with an unrelated, larger-scale trafficking bust Friday in which Thai prosecutors indicted 72 suspected participants in an international human trafficking ring. According to the New York Times, “Thailand has been conducting a sweeping investigation into human trafficking within its borders, after graves containing more than 30 bodies were found in southern Thailand in May.”Among the charged are a number of military and civilian officials.

“We will not let influential people rise above justice,” Office of the Attorney General spokesman Wanchai Roujanavong told the Times.

Both busts come days before Monday’s release of the US State Department’s annual report on trafficking.

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“Now they can just do it at the click of a button and therefore control 50 victims much more easily and readily in virtual form.”"What that allows therefore is a sort of industrialisation of the problem,” he said.

“Single traffickers and pimps can control many more victims."Freeland, the Bangkok-based group, said in the statement it had received tips from friends of trafficking victims and, in turn, alerted the Department of Special Investigations."DSI took our analysis, corroborated it, and added much more information to this case before taking professional action," Sombat Tuengwiwat, Freeland’s director of intelligence analysis said in the statement.

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