Madden09 for playstation3 updating rosters

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This walkthrough will show you how to update your roster on Xbox Live so your copy of Madden is always up to date!

Disclaimer: I'm a longtime avid Madden player, and also a longtime avid complainer about things.

When John Madden Football was released in 1988, no one had any idea that it was the beginning of one of the best-selling series of all time.

But after 20 years, tens of millions of copies sold, countless tournaments, and even a TV show, Madden is a global phenomenon.

It's important to always have the latest roster in Madden NFL 12.

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So before I get to my impressions I will just say this.However, there are quite a few issues that keep Madden 09 from reaching its full potential, such as disappointing online leagues and mostly unchanged Franchise and Superstar modes.Madden 09 has a number of features designed to address the steep learning curve associated with the series.IGN Guides is here to help Madden newbies get on their feet by explaining the in-game fundamentals that will make any player a winner.Not familiar with the Madden franchise or the game of football itself?

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