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Every spring, first-year graduate students at Reykjavik University are organised into random groups of three or four and assigned the task of coming up with a new business idea.The students then have three weeks to bring together ideas and skills, and knowledge from their respective academic fields to make their plan, and are even encouraged to do a prototype of the new product.Forum section of AIMP for Android Forum section of AIMP for Windows Warning!Note that both version are Today, our project celebrates its first anniversary - 10 years ago we have published first version of AIMP Classic!Outlets where tickets can be bought are shown on the map of Moscow.An Aeroexpress train ticket can be purchased from this website, ticket offices, and from Aeroexpress’ partners.You can find ticket vending machines and ticket offices inside the building next to Entrance 3 and right before the exit to the platform. The price of a standard class one-way ticket in electronic sales channels – Aeroexpress website, mobile application - is RUB 420, in ticket offices, ticket vending machines, the Troika card and [email protected] service at turnstiles – RUB 500.Special rail fares for business class travel, the Aeroexspress metro service, railcards, family, and child travel can be found in the List of fares and services.

To go for boarding, please use Entrance 3 to the airport and then follow the signs.

) is a famous and extremely rare type of Chinese pottery from the Song dynasty, produced for the imperial court for a brief period around 1100.

Fewer than 100 complete pieces survive, though there are later imitations which do not entirely match the originals.

Their normal practice seems to have been to review the large quantities of tributary ware given to them, keeping what they wanted and redistributing the remainder as part of their lavish gifts to officials, temples, and foreign rulers, and perhaps also selling some.

The pieces are mostly fairly small, for drinking, use at a scholar's desk, incense burning, or as small containers.

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