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Jill helped me to connect with the Spirit of my Brother, whom I really needed to hear from .

I left our session with a sense of an action plan as to aspects in my life that needed some "tweaking" and more focus.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin as a new couple, if the reports are true???

Set after the series end of Torchwood, reports of Owen Harper's second death were greatly exaggerated.

I don’t remember my parents ever actually buying a bottle of wine back then, though later, on trips to France, we did always come back with the full customs allocation plus an extra couple of bottles craftily stowed beneath the front seats of the Morris Marina. What my parents did share with me was their keen sense of taste – and my mum’s acute sense of smell.

There might not have been a great deal of money, but good food was always a priority.

She has a deep connection with the spiritual world and was able to communicate messages from that world which were clearly intended for me. I went in with some very specific questions in mind that I wanted to ask about.

“It looked like Paul and Phoebe might have set Ben up with Shelley — seemed like a first date.” Ben and Paul met on set of together.It is as of yet unknown as to how Owen survived, since he has not yet divulged the entirety of his experiences in the two years since his death.What matters is he is home now, and has some plans to make for the future with the spouse he left behind.My career goals, in roughly chronological order, were to appear on Jim’ll Fix It, be an Olympic swimmer, win a Nobel Prize for physics, be an olive oil taster and make a fortune writing saucy novels, like Jilly Cooper who comes from the part of West Yorkshire where I grew up.Wine did feature in the Moore household but there were just two kinds: white (Dad’s home-made dandelion) and red (Dad’s home-made elderberry).

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