Jason biggs dating

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He does all the cleaning and laundry and Jenny doesn't even have a clue how to turn on the washing machine. They'd had dinner and hit it off to such an extent that "two hours in we were comparing Zoloft prescriptions".

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Mollen and Biggs have always been a clever and winning duo, since 2008, actually.In a 2012 interview with star and all-around funny man Biggs shared how he was introduced to Mollen, and it wasn't what you might think.The two were actually set up on a blind date despite having already been co-stars in the 2008 film, And as they've been together for nearly 10 years now, it's clear that their relationship has truly blossomed into something real.But, just how did Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs meet?It turns out that blind dates might have a higher success rate than everyone thinks.

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