Is olivia wilde dating salman rushdie

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“He’s one of her parents’ best friends,” said a rep for Wilde, whose love life has been speculated about wildly since she filed for divorce in February from Tao Ruspoli.And man-about-town Rushdie has been linked to a laundry list of long-legged lovelies.According to her accounts, published in Daily Mail, the author pursued her for months, but backed out soon after she fell in love and moved in with him.Glenn found him still obsessed with Padma and wearing a huge ego on his sleeve.In October, Wilde stars as the mother of Justin Timberlake's character in In Time, a film in which people stop aging at 25.The actress welcomed the chance to play the role because it was a challenge.“I’d wake up next to him and he’d be sitting up on bed scrolling through stories and reviews about himself on his i Phone... That’s how wannabe starlet Devorah Rose described Rushdie after their short-lived entanglement, which he vociferously denied.

Since filing for divorce from Tao Ruspoli, a film director who is an Italian prince, last March, she has been linked with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine, and even prizewinning author Salman Rushdie. I mean, in order to be dating all the people they think I am, I'd need four vaginas! Wilde, who eloped when she was 18, makes no attempt to sidestep the subject of her divorce, calling it "the most difficult thing I've ever dealt with." However, she doesn't seem to have regrets.Earlier this week the author, who has been married four times, was spotted stepping out in London with a peroxide blonde singer.To make matters even more interesting she is 40 years his junior and dresses in bondage gear for her provocative stage act.Going by the accounts of his impressive list of ex-wives and girlfriends – and at times his own memoir Joseph Anton – the man seems to be that exemplary guy mothers warn their daughters about.That’s what Rushdie apparently told the most famous of his wives, Padma Lakshmi, when she refused sex because of a painful medical condition.

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