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Tess Mc Leod (Bridie Carter) continues her struggle to oversee Drovers Run, a cattle ranch owned by her family for generations.

Season 4 of the drama series finds Tess forging new relationships and facing new challenges without her sister Claire by her side.

I know a little about prison, and it’s very easy for someone to be their perfect version of themselves when they have so much time for introspection.

But as the siblings mend fences around the ranch, they repair lingering wounds in each other's hearts.

Claire (Lisa Chappell) and Tess (Bridie Carter) continue to deal with ranch and relationship issues as they helm the all-female workforce at Drover's Run.

However, many times Jim Longworth travels north to cities such as Ocala or Cassadaga, which are 3-4 hours away from any coastal Everglades cities.

Not enough time has passed in the episode to allow for these trips there and back.

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