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They tend to scrutinize themselves at an incredibly close level of detail -- much more closely than they examine the actions or appearance of others.

That’s in part because you have a huge amount of information about yourself, far more than you have about other people.

In testing, this allowed a user to control a simple computer game using only his or her eyes.

Stranger Things went into production for Season 2 in November, and we were teased it will deal with Barb-gate.

Stranger Things was IGN's pick for Best Streaming Series of 2016, and was one of our nominees for Best Series.

An alarm sounds as a man in a lab coat runs for his life in what appears to be either the worst dressing room on the planet, or an abandoned set.

The lights flicker as the man rushes to the elevator, which apparently doesn't have that all-important "close door" button.

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