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I read your terms of use for the messenger app you are attempting to force me to download and it's scary. I don't even like Facebook I only use it because everyone I know uses it.

Anyone who has a pulse can see this app is asking for WAY TOO MUCH control over our cell phones. I'd much rather use Google Same thing here, not only the bloody banner, with time it says I will not aaccess the messages AT ALL.

“Dog, when he said, ‘You told me you wasn’t doin’ nothing with Byrd Gang, so I copyrighted it,’ I would’ve fucked him up, immediately! “I’m fucking you up, I don’t care if you’re my brother.

I don’t understand that.” Predictably, Cam’ron responded with humor and a healthy dose of dismissiveness, screenshotting a text message he sent to the “Pump It Up” rapper and putting it up on his Instagram briefly before taking it down. Cause he ain’t gonna open my Dm…Despite what people think..

Today the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced who will have to comply with its proposed drone or unmanned aircraft system (UAS) registration rules. And they have decided that the registry will be retroactive.

The FAA wants every American to register every drone that weighs more about half a pound, or 250 grams.

While Sony doesn’t always add features I suggest or fix issues as quickly as I’d like, I will say they always listen.

Ninety percent of the complaints I receive on this website are Play Memories related.

In an effort to help you with that, I’ve written posts including ‘Installing & Updating Sony Play Memories Camera Apps’ to help you deal with them. Last week at Photo Plus Expo in New York I sat down with a trusted Sony product manager to outline the problems readers have experienced with Play Memories Camera Apps.

Cam’ron set the rap world ablaze when he gave fans his version of the history of his problems with Jim Jones, a rapper he made millions with in Dipset’s heyday.

One of the more shocking revelations from his live Instagram session was that he’d actually copyrighted Byrd Gang—a group originally composed of Jones, Max B and Stack Bundles—without Jimmy’s knowledge. Brah Much love to u and the misses.” Gotta love it.

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