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Shaw was born in London, England and raised in Bellevue, Ontario, Canada.

He spent three years earning a classical music education at the Juilliard Music School in New York.

It’s a sunny backwater, and a quiet evening to stroll, you’d never guess that we were only 500m from the bustle of Canal Street itself. Putting records out ourselves; gradually, slowly over the years gaining more and more control over our lives and our art. Finally having time to make the record that we wanted to make. – …we were unsure of our future, and we were at a bit of a do-or-die moment.

Just to add to the atmosphere, we’re followed by a video camera, recording our every move. And it’s very much on par with the vision we set out with when we started this whole project. If we hadn’t achieved something with Fantasies, I think we would have had a very different future.

We exchange a few words, wander off, then come back at our allotted time and are asked to please wait in this alleyway alongside the theatre. After a short few minutes, as we squint into the sun, we see a couple of familiar figures coming down the box-gorge between the warehouse buildings.

Sure enough it’s Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw, and they’re ready to talk as bluntly as you like about their lives, and particularly their view of the ‘industry’; the things that have led them to do things very firmly their own way, even at the expense of being seen as slight oddities. Slightly surreally, Emily suggests that we take ourselves for a leisurely walk along the towpath of the Rochdale Canal onto which the theatre backs. Obama had just been elected, whereas 2012 is a much darker time, there is a lot of anxiety, fear and unrest in the world. Musically you evolve and absorb what is around you.

We have a huge body of work, and I think I've made a real contribution.

” I'm not really waiting for someone to give me permission anymore or say, "Oh, you come up at the door, we'll open it.

The song seemed like such lyrical departure for you, to the point that I was almost startled by how frank you are singing about love.

The band are over on our side of the pond, zig-zagging back and forth between London and Amsterdam, with a neat side trip up to see us lovely folks up north.

We ourselves have been in town since early, enough to for a stroll past tonight’s Ritz Theatre venue mid-afternoon, in time to catch the first two fans queuing up outside at around 4pm, both wearing the tee-shirts, not of Metric themselves, but of related Canadian acts Stars and Feist.

“I was very unhappy with that place, so I felt like the music I was going to write, which would dictate the next chapter of my life, needed to be based in simplicity and just be very genuine.” The indie rock singer was born in New Delhi, India and raised in Cache Bay, Canada.

She started dating guitarist Jimmy Shaw and the 2 of them formed the band, Metric.

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