Elizabethan dating marriage customs

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However, it maintained its political independence until the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 BC.

It then underwent a long period of decline, especially in the Middle Ages, when many Spartans moved to live in Mystras.

In marriage, the woman's primary responsibilities included bearing children and caring for the home.

Prior to the Medieval period, marriage was more of an informal agreement, and there was rarely any contract or document that legalized the ceremony.

Typically, Ancient Roman and Greek grooms were in their late twenties or early thirties at the time of marriage, but brides were much younger, usually only teenagers.In fact, the earliest weddings barely resemble those celebrated by today's brides and grooms.Western marriage traditions date back to Ancient Greece and Rome, where marriage was much more of a legal contract than a romantic endeavor. For knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it. If you walk along St Martin's Le Grand in the City of London you will come to Postman's Park, which seems out of place in this busy commercial area.Inside the park was once the old Roman burial ground of St Botolph's churchyard.

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