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This results in many domestic assault and battery arrests each day in Massachusetts.

Being charged with a domestic assault and battery in Massachusetts is very serious.

According to an article in the Metro West Daily News, Worcester police recently arrested a Framingham High School music teacher on domestic violence charges. Specifically, the alleged victim confronted the defendant about being in a relationship with another woman.

According to a second article, the court also issued a restraining order against the defendant under G. An argument ensued, during which the defendant allegedly refused to let the alleged victim leave.

A heated argument can be exaggerated into a violent one — a push can turn into a blow, a slap into a punch, or a misdemeanor shove into a wall can be charged as felony assault with a dangerous weapon. Topazio, we use our experience with a wide range of domestic violence situations to help return common sense to the process.

We can use a little-known legal tool known as “accord and satisfaction” to help avoid criminal consequences in cases where the complaining witness had no idea that calling the police could generate so much trouble.

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What distinguishes domestic violence from other assault crimes is the relationship between the alleged perpetrator and the victim.We can also help people accused of violating domestic violence restraining orders or probation restrictions against contact with particular individuals.Just because you have been arrested by police doesn’t mean you are guilty of the crime charged.While there is no doubt that spousal abuse and other instances of violence between family members and intimate partners is a serious social problem, it is equally clear that the laws that criminalize domestic violence can be misused to punish people who really don’t belong in the criminal justice system.For example, people involved in divorce or child custody cases will often be tempted to accuse the other spouse or parent of domestic violence in order to get a tactical advantage in family court.

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