Dating south bend reels

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I have designed page to inform advanced and beginner collectors what books are available on this subject and where they can be purchased.19th Century Fishing Lures ** Beginning in the mid to late 1800's firms such as JT Buell, WD Chapman, and the Enterprise Mfg. produced lures that rivaled their overseas counterparts both in quantity and quality.Experienced lure collectors know the importance of reading and educating themselves on the subject of antique lures.Usually it is the inexperienced or beginner collector that has not realized the importance of learning what they are purchasing or selling but after a few costly mistakes they will realize this fact.General Information: Collecting antique fishing tackle has become very popular in the last few years. ", and "I didn't know anyone bought that old stuff".

There are collectors for lures, reels, bamboo rods, nets, creels, and just about every type of fishing memorabilia you can imagine.The next date code for the same reel is GA, which was produced in 1940. This also tells us the model GA was produced from 1940 thru 1945.The next date code for the Shakespeare model 1920 Wondereel is FK telling us it started production in 1951.I got into bass fishing in my late teens, early 20s.I was rooting around my grandmother’s basement one afternoon and I found my grandfather’s tackle box.

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