Dating soldiers and emotional help

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I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do!You actually posted a video of my son returning home.I was having a bad day today but what always cheers me up is seeing our brave soldiers coming home from deployment.You have given me a smile today thank you for making this blog it helps me out a lot when I have a bad day.They held so much hope and meaning for our two sons, (myself included), while my husband was away in Afghanistan.Oceans may divide us, but we military families are more alike than we are different.But there’s a reason the military men you meet, more so than other hot men in uniform (think firefighters, police officers, the UPS guy), are either in relationships, or don’t seem to have a lot of trouble meeting women. At the end of the day, most of these things are qualities any guy could bring to the table, if he really tried.Military men just already seem to have it: Military guys have a higher calling; they’re committed to serving their country, and their loyalty to the nation will take them to war zones, disaster areas, and anywhere they’re called to. You’ve seen “Band of Brothers,” you’ve heard of “no man left behind.” It’s all true.

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They make me cry every time especially the pet ones!

Multiple deployments and trauma-related stress don’t just increase the risk of depression in service members.

Their spouses are also at an increased risk, and their children are more likely to experience emotional and behavioral problems.

Hi there even being from South Africa I one day stumbled on your Facebook page and lots of times check if there is new surprises. Heads up for all of the families who must live for long times without their loved ones. I've been watching many of the videos your site has posted, for the last two hours, and it hasn't gotten boring...

The downside is that I haven't touched my homework either, but that's ok. ☺To the lovely people at Welcome Home, Thank you for the wonderful videos you put on this site.

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