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Tom asks: My girlfriend was diagnosed with high-risk HPV over a year ago. It is estimated that 70-80% of adults will have it at some time in their lives.

Monogamous relationship, unprotected intercourse throughout this time. So you just can’t know whether you gave it to your gf or she gave it to you.

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Condoms have been shown to lessen the spread of HPV, but not entirely as there is likely still exposed skin.

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I am currently single and have been reading alot of info on this. But I do worry about them passing it along to other women. with the knowledge i have gained over the past few months, i will answer your questions as well as i can the most important thing is that you inform your partners.

Do I stop having sex until I go for my Pap in 6 months to see if Im cleared? I do not have the HPV that causes warts, so there is little for men to worry about. i was diagnosed with low risk hpv this past january.

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Family hpv dating w relocated to the west coast in hpv dating jewish singles in san diego where he met and started back in 2016.

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