Dating girls nairobi

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Well because I can give them my low down dirty truth about Nairobi and its NON EXISTENT yes I said non existent dating scene (as far as I and 8 other girls are concerned). You know how am always telling you about how I love the men in my life for the lessons and “special” love they are always imparting on me? Oh yes, I got it, I love the men in my life: Nairobi edition BECAUSE, well they make me appreciate the past men in my life and anticipate the future ones too.

The guy, who is in a fitting shirt and is well-shaven looks uncomfortable, he doesn’t know what to do or say.

The girl, dressed in a non-creative pair of denims and a blue top, is bored. The guy tries to initiate conversation, but each attempt is dismally shut down by one word responses. When you visit so many places around Nairobi, you may begin to feel complacent about the idea of dining out.

I have nothing against the expats; am sometimes considered one myself.

I was shocked and frustrated when I did my research for this article. At first, I didn’t want to write this article because I got the feeling that …at least in the eyes of Western men. I know that there are a lot of prostitutes in the capital of Kenya.

(Men who know how to treat a woman – and just so you know, just because I am independent – whatever that means – doesn’t mean I don’t know or understand the value of a Man) You don’t agree? Let me tell you about the men in my life: the Nairobi experience – I won’t speak for Kenya I haven’t been around (yet) .

You don’t know if its because he is interested, if you have something on your face or if he is just cross eyed. I think I will devote a whole other post to this phenomenon in Nairobi. Just know that most Kenyan girls love these men; is it for their style? Hangs around the usual spots; Westlands, brew bistro – he is supposedly chic, hangs around his own type and well is assumed to make lots of money.

Sometimes cute, but never around long enough; always traveling or just here for a 6 month contract.

And well often times just isn’t your type or hangs around his own kind.

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