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An equal part of his catalogue consists of lengthy, loosely connected, spiritually-inspired musical journeys that show the influence of Celtic tradition, jazz and stream-of-consciousness narrative, such as the album Astral Weeks and the lesser-known Veedon Fleece and Common One.George Ivan "Van" Morrison was born on 31 August 1945, at 125 Hyndford Street, Bloomfield, Belfast, Northern Ireland, as the only child of George Morrison, a shipyard electrician, and Violet Stitt Morrison, who had been a singer and tap dancer in her youth.He would later be deemed “Patient Zero” because he was connected to many early cases of AIDS in the United States. First known case of HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom. AIDS is reported among hemophiliacs and Haitians in the U. AIDS is reported in 5 European countries; 285 cases have been reported in 17 U. He contracted the virus through a blood transfusion as part of his treatment for hemophilia.Rick Wellikoff, a Brooklyn schoolteacher, dies of AIDS in New York City. AIDS is detected in China and now has been identified in all regions of the world.Verbal sentiment can’t accurately describe what many people experienced around the world upon reading the use of what writer Ayana Byrd referred to as “the vilest combination of words that you can call a black woman.” Then after Eva Hoeke, Jackie’s then Editor-In-Chief, was forced to resign, she went on to say that the whole situation was blown out of proportion, intended as a joke and also that it was a blessing in disguise.This incident, which ended in Rhianna not so politely telling the editor how she felt about being called out her name, was appalling to many.Was the Jackie office political correctness alarm broken that day?Most of us (decent people) were bewildered and straight flabbergasted.

Ironically, this incident occurred only a few weeks after the world was shocked by the footage of activist/artist Quinsy Gario, being dragged in the street and pepper-sprayed by police for wearing a shirt that said “Zwarte Piet is Racisme.” Yes, good ole’ Zwarte Piet.

Zwarte Piet “Black Pete” who is the ignorant, docile yet jolly servant of Sinterklaas, the Dutch-ified version of St.

Nick, who goes around town on a horse accompanied by his “black” slave, I mean helper.

Following the example of Amsterdam, this is an attempt from the local administration to consolidate inclusive processes, have more control over the situation and establish a better grasp on prostitution, an activity that is present in most medium and large cities around the world.

It is necessary to walk this area to form your own opinion on how well or not things are going with this process- sure to be an eye-opening trip!

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