Circular reasoning of carbon dating erika ringor dating

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You have probably sat in a school classroom and heard or someone has said to you that the world is billions of years old or that bones have been discovered that are millions of years old.

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Many scientists fear that too much methane in the atmosphere, however, would cause too thick a blanket and that this could become potentially harmful to the planet.

Some scientists believe the phenomenon is man-made (anthropogenic), primarily due to fossil fuel combustion that, we are told, emits greenhouse gases.

Other researchers are convinced that the warming trend was caused naturally, perhaps by an increase in the sun's radiation.

Dinosaur Fossils: Some Definitions The term "Dinosaur Fossils" comes from the Greek words: Deinos, meaning "terrible" and Sauros, meaning "lizard;" and the Latin word Fossilis, meaning "dug up." Therefore, dinosaur fossil literally means "great lizard that was dug up." British anatomist Sir Richard Owen (1804-1892) coined the word "dinosaur" in 1841.

Dinosaur Fossils: Early Discoveries A British fossil finder and ecclesiastic, William Buckland (1784-1856), discovered the first dinosaur fossil remains of our modern times. Brookes published a report on Plot's find in 1763.

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