Browser not updating favicon

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We are continuously assaulted with information and our attention can’t focus on many things at once.That is why when it comes to browsing and saving information for later use, there are two kinds of people: those who open many tabs (and when we say many, we really mean it as some users open hundreds of tabs) and those who would rather bookmark the page and open it at a later date.I also have this line in the head of the html: I've also tried it without the type..., as I have it on other pages on the same server.This website doesn't show its favicon (thistle) This website does show its favicon (greenman) Two of my sites on the same server with the favicon in the same place of the site's directory. The only thing I can figure is there was a problem converting the ico online and saving it on my Mac Book Pro before uploading it to the server?If you are part of the former category of users, we have a detailed ‘how to’ article on how to save your session using Chrome.

i OS 7 introduced the 152×152 picture, and i OS8 adds the 180×180 picture. We don’t care about all these information after all. Mathias Bynens also does an excellent job at updating his famous article about Touch icons.

Unfortunately, the first answer is two i OS versions behind: it talks about the 144×144 touch icon for Retina i Pad running i OS 6. Okay but what we really need here is a favicon generator right? It lists a lot of information in one single place, which is very valuable by itself.

It appears that this is Real Favicon Generator, the very site you’re visiting and reading right now. So Google surely brings the correct answers but we still have to figure them out. If you want to master the art of favicon, the Favicon Cheat Sheet is a great place to start.

It happens and when it does, it is pretty annoying.

The only exception is the Whats App icon, which is refreshed in real time whenever you receive a new message from one of your contacts.

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