Bosco wong dating

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About half an hours later, Bosco accepted an interview with the media.

When asked if he's starting a new relationship, Bosco indicated he's currently trying to have an understanding with JUN and clarified that they are not sleeping in the same room together at the hotel: "We are just trying to get to know each other. ( You guys didn't even give me a chance to get to know her!

Upon noticing the presence of reporters, the pair immediately went their separate ways.

Appearing at TVB station today, Bosco smiled and said, “We are still in the beginning stages. ” Bosco further explained that Jun was on a short vacation in Hong Kong and had asked him to recommend a hotel for her.

The scene between Bosco and Venus attracted a large number of onlookers who stopped to take photos.

Although it was still fairly hot on the day of filming, Bosco and Venus cooled off with fans and air conditioning in the company car when the cameras were not rolling.

Since breaking up with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) in 2012, Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) only confirmed relationship has been with Vanessa Yeung (楊崢) in 2014.

Perhaps due to the heavy scrutiny regarding their 9-year age difference, the couple eventually broke up.

Lau denied the rumors that she is dating Wong and said that she treats him as her ‘dai lo’ (older brother). The actress added that she used to find the gossips funny. Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) admitted that when he first joined acting, he had treated it like a hobby.After being in the entertainment industry for 13 years, he now sees it as a career.Thankful for being able to wear his comfortable clothes in the heat, Bosco said, “There are a lot of people in Sham Shui Po.Compared to the other days where I had to dress in full gear – today’s date scene was a gift and blessing – it was super relaxing!

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