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He does not fit the otaku stereotype in the sense that he is much more outwardly fashionable and sociable than would be expected of a regular otaku.His attractiveness has been used to market the club's activities.

Featured Illustratorsshishunnki / SUZUKI JIRO / Naoe Marimo / nao tsukiji / fuji mitsuya / toinana / aomiya kara / Shikimi / nagarenaitessyu etc.

You certainly have an element of choice, and pretty much all of them have failure states even if they don’t have gloriously over-the-top Bad Ends.

However, if your definition of ’game’ requires more than reading/listening for 30 minutes and making a choice, visual novels probably won’t be for you.

The art works showcased in this collection are by 79 popular comic artists and illustrators, with bilingual profiles included for each.

Some of the works are actually sought-after illustrations from the popular online game Touken Ranbu and Vocaloid™ PV, and five of the artists included in this collection have created new and original works exclusively for this project.

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