Arcgis services directory not updating

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When you have multiple map services in an online map, and multiple layers in each service, this gets pretty tedious for maps that get routinely updated.Our current workaround is to maintain a separate document that details all of the customization settings for the individual layers, then redo all the customization after re-publishing the map services.Simple to complex insertions and updates can be performed through SQL, allowing us to provide (upon map refresh or redraw) instant feature class updates to end users.Real-time data is becoming more and more prevalent in the world around us and therefore in greater demand within GIS applications.

Arc GIS Server names cannot exceed 15 characters or you will encounter errors during the post install and when trying to connect to the server.Create Map SDDraft(map Doc, sddraft, service, 'ARCGIS_SERVER', con, True, None, summary, tags) # set service type to esri Service Definition Type_Replacement new Type = 'esri Service Definition Type_Replacement' xml = sddraft doc = DOM.parse(xml) descriptions = Elements By Tag Name('Type') for desc in descriptions: if desc.parent Name == 'SVCManifest': if Child Nodes(): desc.first = new Type out Xml = xml f = open(out Xml, 'w') doc.writexml( f ) f.close() # stage and upload the service if the sddraft analysis did not contain errors if analysis['errors'] == : # Execute Stage Service arcpy.Stage Service_server(sddraft, sd) # Execute Upload Service Definition arcpy.Both products work very nicely (I've used them both) but can be too costly for many organizations.Like Graphics layers, you will usually declare Feature layers in XAML.

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