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It’s getting harder to meet people organically, so women and men are turning to online dating to socialize and meet new people.

You create a profile and post photos and hope that someone will email you to set up a date based on just the impression they get from your profile.

He was the most popular kid in school and held the usual credentials: tall, muscular, good-looking, captain of the football team.

Somehow I used to think that if I stared at his head and sent all of my adolescent energy his way, that he'd eventually turn around, smile back at me, and ask me to the prom.

And, well, now they’re married and have a daughter. If only I had known Webb’s secrets when I was online dating, it might have spared me all the horrendous dates (especially the one with the man who announced he was under “federal investigation” over spaghetti).

But then again, I probably wouldn’t have had the mathematical acumen to execute this type of thing with the precision that Webb did.

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Try doubling that and then adding on a few more to grow on and still end up feeling like you don't have your shit together half the time. Just wait 10 or 15 years and you'll be thankful for those couple of free hours on the weekend. The only saving grace for this story were the author's admitted love for George Michael . Useful advice that exists in the book:1) try to look hot in Well, this was a very sweet story, but I don't think the author is taking her own advice that correlation does not equal causation.

After crunching some data on single, Jewish men, she ascertained that she had exactly 35 possible romantic options in a city of 1.5 million. Webb eventually chose to post an online profile, which she filled out by copying and pasting phrases from her resume.

Webb knew that she could either take her grandmother’s advice to “luck into love” or go online. After a few horrendous dates (one guy left her with a bill that cost an entire month’s rent!

I felt like I was back in high school all over again.

Now that I was starting to reverse-engineer JDate, I realized that in my case, the opportunity to "poke" and "flirt" with gorgeous men would yield me no better results than staring at the back of Dave Peterson's head in environmental biology class.

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