Ageplay chatroom

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Littlespace Online is a free resource for all ageplayers, caregivers, littles, adult babies, diaper lovers, Daddy Doms, Mommy Dommes, and others within or interested in these dynamics.

Account registration, the live chat room, informative articles, helpful advice, downloadable features like coloring pages, and site access as a whole cost no money to any user. Right now we utilize a small advertising program and are looking for specific advertisers for the site.

I aim to give the more casual crowd a place to unwind as well as a place for the more hardcore crowd to exhibit restraint and possibly take a break from going whole hog to commune with a crowd they don't normally interact with.

Slut Roulette doesn’t leave any confusion as to what you’ll find on the site.

Forget those non-nude chats or the “looking for friends” webcams. The site guarantees 100% amateur girls, so don’t worry about finding any of those burnt out, overworked “professional” cam girls that you find on some other live sex sites.

Each girl also has a profile with some preview pictures and information about her.

Usually this involves someone pretending to be younger than they actually are, but more rarely can involve assuming an older role. Sissification of men is one role within ageplay, and can add another type of dynamic to the relationship, it can include degradation and humiliation play.

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I am looking for someone who is both a woman and a child at the same time.

A woman that is smart and fun to be with, but also wants to be transformed into Daddy's baby girl.

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