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You can enable mobile data in your android in many ways. You can enable mobile data from Settings in your device.Head over to Settings and tap on the option ‘Data usage’.After all, the two cellular networks already in place provide the necessary simple wireless telephony services, which would mean the only purpose behind the new 3G network is to provide the additional "application services." A deeper look, however, indicates that quite to the contrary, the network is intended only to further serve the interests of the Iranian regime in its drive to keep tab on the dissidents.

Tamin Telecom's infrastructure utilizes the third generation (3G) of standards for mobile phones.

Locate and purchase tickets for campus events such as lyceum series, musicals, stage plays and homecoming festivities.

Tackle your academics by registering for classes, checking grades, tracking financial aid and connecting to Blackboard.

The data only provides a snapshot of the mobile coverage experienced by this self-selecting group over a short period.

The BBC has not attempted to balance the participants either geographically or by service provider.

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