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Out of the lobby elevator, barrel-chested, bowlegged and pigeon-toed, came John Elway. Elway approached the waffle maker, poured the batter and clamped the irons. He won an Arena League championship running the Colorado Crush. Now he was slumming with the scouts, losing to a waffle maker and getting back into the fray at a time when Joe Montana was growing grapes and Dan Marino was working a cushy studio job. HE'S STILL GRINDING at his desk on a June morning more than five years later, architect of the defending Super Bowl champions. He's in a red polo shirt and white shorts, hair frosted blond and slightly thinning, face lined and worn.Ronald Berreth, 74, of Sevierville passed away on Saturday, June 10, 2017.Elway knows he will be a geezer one day, his body surrendering to life the way it surrendered to football, but the biological imperative, the compulsion to win, will still be there, trapped in an irreversible senescence. And so he leans in over his desk, unveiling that familiar grin, and utters maybe the most Elway thing ever: "I've always thought I was going to die ... Then he got that look he gets when he's imposing his will. The look from when he threw the bullet that capped The Drive, the look from when he launched himself into three Packers near the goal line in Super Bowl XXXII.with a shovel; in case I woke up, I could dig my way out."His eyes widen. A look of high stakes let loose on a breakfast buffet, raising the question: Why, exactly, was he here?

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Angela Bouvrette past away at the age of 96 on Wednesday June 28, 2017 at Henry Ford hospital in Clinton Twp. At her bedside in her last hours were her two sons, their wives, grandchildren and some friends.

Memorials may be offered to the Annunciation of the Lord Parish. Michaels Holy Rosary Sodality at pm at the funeral home.

She was born on April 18, 1921 to her parents Joseph and Francis (Sant) Farrugia .

"It's never over over until it's over."John Elway has an insatiable drive to win John Elway has been a champion as a quarterback and an executive, but he keeps risking his legacy, year after year, because he's addicted to the competition. TO HEAR HIM speak of death as a hurdle, a dare, an obstacle to clear like first-and-98, makes me think of John Elway and, well, a waffle maker. He earned a fortune in football and a fortune in the car business.

It was January 2011, the first day of Senior Bowl week in Mobile, Alabama. in the restaurant of a downtown Hampton Inn, scouts swarmed around the breakfast buffet before heading out to practice for player weigh-ins -- the grunt work, the stuff nobody wants to do. It was like Springsteen had showed up for open mic night. He suffered through a divorce and the deaths of his twin sister and his father.

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